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Believe in what you do and inspire those around you
As part of London’s Clerkenwell Design Week 2017, Sadie Morgan, HS2 independent design panel chair, member of Lord Adonis’s National[...]
Values are key to motivation – what do you stand for?
Values underpin everything you do as a leader, wherever it is that you lead – whether it’s your family, your community,[...]
Your practice mission
 My previous post looked at crafting a vision for your practice and how it sets out your intention and why[...]
Your practice vision: attract clients you want to work with
How do you attract clients you want to work with and projects that allow you to do your best work?[...]
How to make people want to work with you – without taking on low-margin work, undercutting on fees or giving over control
Never has there been a greater need for architects to adapt if they are to prosper Practices undercut each other,[...]

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